Submit and receive progress billings in a standard construction industry format. Sign off on as Approved, Reject or Return Revise and Resubmit

Billing (11:55 minutes)



How it works…

To Submit a Billing

  1. To submit a billing to a Client, go to the Client Contract or Subcontract module and select an Approved contract that you would like to issue a bill against.
  2. Billing

  3. Go to the bottom of the screen and select the Issue a Billing button
  4. Billing

  5. The Billing form will appear. Fill in the fields as necessary to complete your billing and select Review Draft of Pay Application
  6. Billing

  7. If everything looks good, at the bottom of the screen, select “Send for Approval”. Otherwise, “Go Back & make Changes”. If you are an Administrator, you have the option of Approving this manually.
  8. Billing

To View a Billing

  1. From the Billing module, select the orange text associated with the Billing you would like to see.


This is what the Billing looks like in the system. Select Print forms to print a Schedule of Values and a billing cover sheet. Select the one you want to view, download or print.



To Review, Approve, Reject or return a Billing as Revise and Resubmit

From the Billing summary, select the pay application that has been sent to you for approval. Review the details and then:

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