Meeting Minutes


The Meetings Tool allows you to quickly setup, distribute and retrieve meeting minutes for your projects.

Meetings (2:44 minutes)



How it works…

To Create a New Meeting

  1. Select the Create a new Meeting.
  2. Meetings

  3. Enter the Meeting Title, Date, Meeting Number and time and any other fields you want to track.
  4. Meetings

  5. Add Attendees and people you want to copy on the meeting minutes.
    Note that you can copy Distribution Groups. Distribution groups are setup under the Communicate / Messages tab.
  6. Meetings

  7. Add meeting discussion items and record the notes from the meeting.
  8. Meetings

  9. Identify who is repsonsible for each item by tracking them under Ball-in-Court (BIC).
    Assign a due date to make sure evryone is clear as to when this item needs to be addressed by. You can change the status from Open, to Closed, to Tabled in subsequent meetings.
  10. Meetings

  11. You can update a topic heading or add a new heading by selecting the Add a topic button.
  12. Meetings

  13. When you are ready, upload attachments and select Preview Draft to distribute to the team and record in the system. Team members will receive an email with a PDF attachment of the meeting minutes as well as a link to view within Fluid CM.

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