Use the Messages module for tracking project issues, instructions and other information relating to your project.

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How it works

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Enter your details and select Post this message


Viewing a Post


Respond to and Forward a post


Speed Tip

Respond by Email - Want to reply to a post by email without having to log in? If you have selected the option to forward all of your messages to your email (under your Profile settings), you can respond by selecting “Reply” and Fluid CM lets you respond to a post through email, posting your comments in the system.

Create a Distribution Group

Do you consistently send RFI’s, Submittals or Message posts to the same people? Instead of manually selecting the same people each time you fill out something, setup a Distribution Group to save time.



In order for a contact to show up in this list, they need to be entered in under the Contacts module.

Add or Create a Tag

Want to group your messages so they can be found easily with a simple search? Add tags to your posts so you can search and find discussions on common topics.


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