What does Fluid CM do for project Owners and Construction Managers?

  • Collaborate. Use Fluid CM’s Messages module to collaborate on your project and keep all of your correspondence in one spot. The Documents folder allows you to store any of your files in the cloud.
  • Speeds up your projects. By allowing for electronic delivery and tracking of all contract and project documents.
  • Accountability. Keep track of whose is responsible and what the average response turnaround time is for contracts, changes, RFI’s, Submittals and meeting items.
  • Complete Mobile Access. Access your project information from any device, even your smartphone. On the road, in a meeting or on the jobsite, you will always have access to your critical project information.
  • Prevent Claims. By having contractors submit daily reports and all correspondence through Fluid CM, you will have instant access to all of the information available. No hidden surprises.

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