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Why choose Fluid CM to help manage your projects?

Fluid CM is a cloud based project management tool that has been designed from the ground up for mobile use. You can track contracts, changes, communication and more, all in one spot. Here are the top reasons companies choose Fluid CM.

  1. Speeds up your projects - by allowing you to manage your contracts, plans, documents and more all digitally.

  2. Fast Ramp Up Time - Fluid initial training sessions take approximately 2 hours to complete. Allows you to get your team up and running today.

  3. All project information in one spot - No more loosing information when one team member is unavailable. Fluid CM stores all of your critical information in the cloud and allows you to control who has access.

  4. Fully Mobile - Designed from the ground up to be accessible from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, Fluid CM goes where you go. Check it out with a free trial.

  5. Affordable - Fluid CM’s pricing structure is based on a sliding scale that adapts to your company’s size. Manage projects from $1 Million to $100 Million. Contact us for a quote today.