Who Uses Fluid?

Owners, developers, construction managers, contractors and A/E teams that are looking for simplicity over robustness. Fluid CM’s tools were designed to be the simplest way to manage construction projects. If your project needs simple documentation tools that are easy to access, and get team members up and running quickly – then Fluid is for you.

Why Do Our Clients Like Fluid CM?

It is because Fluid is the simplest Construction Management platform available. How can we be so sure of this? Each and every form was designed and developed to fit onto a smartphone sized screen. Viewing on your tablet, laptop or desktop? No problem. Fluid CM scales up to fit your device. The end result is a system that is clean, crisp and easy for everyone to use, anywhere on any device.

  We are integrating Fluid CM into our regular process and have to say it's proving it worth on a small but troublesome project we've got underway. I was able to draw down all if the dailies and wrap them into a report detailing the chain of event that culminated in a sizable change order that would have been tough to argue over without them... by and large, I'd say that it is really helping us maximize our opportunities.   

Steve ERC Roofing

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