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“I just tried the daily reports on my phone. So far I love it. It’s great that the attachments function brings you right to the cell phone camera! This will be great to take pics on the fly as I walk around the site.

Also, it’s great that I can start the log on the laptop, and then walk around to take pictures, or vice versa to upload documents from the laptop.”

More to come, just wanted to pass along the positive feedback!

Marisa – Spring Roc Construction Solutions



Fluid Contract Manager allows you to collaborate like never before. Connect your team, adjust their permissions and send messages all within Fluid CM. Fluid also allows you to turn on and off email correspondence, so you can control how much email you receive. Other highlights include:

  1. Global (company wide) and project level contact management
  2. Attach files to any message and maintain it as part of the project record
  3. Search the message archives


Fluid makes contact management made easy. Enter in contacts at the project level as well as a company-wide level. Contacts can be imported or manually entered. Once they're in the system, you can quickly fill in forms with a few key strokes where the auto-fill feature will enter the person’s name for you.


Take control of the information your team has access to. Fluid CM allows you to customize who gets access to what information with just a few simple clicks. All of your team members need some information, but not all. Assign different access to the Owner, General Contractor, Construction Manager, Specialty Contractors, Architect and Engineers.



At the heart of any project, lies to agreements that the project is based upon. Using Fluid CM’s Contracts tools allows you and your team to keep track of your all your project critical information in one place, and control who has access to it.
A dashboard summary gives you a quick overview of the buyout process, exposure on change orders and more. Want to see more information not shown onscreen?
Download the full log in a spreadsheet format.


Set up, track and compare your project costs budgets with ease. You can also freeze your budget and track changes from the baseline.

Client and Sub Contracts

Fluid allows you to setup and track contracts in real time. Contracts are drafted up, and then uploaded with all of the necessary attachments such as drawing lists, exhibits and boiler plate language. They can then be sent out for approval digitally, and signed off on with an electronic signature. The entire process is tracked in Fluid allowing you to monitor the status of your buyout process. You never have to wonder about the status of a contract – Fluid summarizes this and shows you at a glance.

Part of entering a contract in the system involves setting up the Schedule of Values (SOV). With the SOV in place, you can then track change orders and submit billings just as easy as you did with the contract. The history of any changes to the documents are also tracked as they make their way from being drafted up, submitted and approved.


Never lose a change order again. Quickly draft a change order request as soon as an issue arises. Fluid CM allows you to track changes from when they are drafted up, to being submitted and through the final approval. You can use electronic or manual signatures. Once approved, changes are automatically rolled into your SOV so they can be billed for.


Want to know where your project is heading financially? The projection module allows you to project your costs through the end of the project, so you can know in detail, whether you are ahead or behind.


Fluid’s Billing module allows you to prepare project billings off of a detailed SOV – in line with industry standards. Because Fluid is mobile, you can update a billing status as you walk the field, recording (or verifying) the percent complete right from your smartphone or tablet.

Export to a Spreadsheet

Don’t see what you need on Fluid’s dashboards? Export all of the information in Fluid to an Excel worksheet so you can sort and organize the information just the way you like it.


Daily Logs

Give your superintendents the ability to make Daily Log records quickly and effortlessly. Highlights for this tool include:

  1. Automatically record weather conditions
  2. Allow subtrades and inspectors to submit their own daily records digitally
  3. Use your smartphone’s voice-to-text features to minimize typing
  4. Insert site photos recording progress in the field

The Daily Log also allows you to filter reports based on the following headings: weather, workers and activities onsite, site visitors, delays, deliveries, equipment log, inspections, and safety records. You can also attach files such as spreadsheets and word documents.


Never miss an update in the plans. Upload drawings, specifications and any other files that you want to share with the team here. You can track the history of what documents were uploaded or downloaded by each team member and when. Share links to the files with other team members and email them right from Fluid CM. You can also add an extra level of restriction by limiting access to certain folders to Admins only.


Make meeting minutes in a snap using Fluid’s simple meeting minutes tool. It automatically adds users from your contact list with a few key strokes, and handles the distribution for you. It also creates a PDF record of the meeting so you can access the minutes anytime in the cloud. You can also record the responsible party (Ball-in-Court) for each item and track against their due date as well as status activities as open, closed or tabled.


Properly maintaining a good RFI log can be a critical element in a project’s success or failure. Fluid lets your team draft, submit and respond to RFIs through an all digital process. Enter your questions and include site photos directly from the field using your smartphone. Track potential schedule and cost impacts.

The log allows you to filter based on the status of the RFI whether it be drafted, submitted or responded to. You also get a summary of the history associated with the RFI. Want to see more information not shown in the log? Download the full log in a spreadsheet format.


Tracking the submittals on a project can be a chore if they aren’t managed digitally. Fluid allows for:

  1. Simple submittal sharing and tracking via the cloud
  2. Allowing you package your submittals by spec section
  3. Allowing you to monitor when they are due, so that they do not affect your schedule

The log allows you to filter based on the status of the submittal whether it be drafted, submitted or responded to. You also get a summary of the history associated with the submittal. Want to see more information not shown in the log? Download the full log in a spreadsheet format.

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Fluid Contract Manager is a cloud based, mobile, project
management system tailored for the construction industry.

Designed from the ground up to work off a smartphone sized screen,
Owners, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Specialty
Contractors and A/E teams appreciate Fluid CM as a simple, yet
powerful project collaboration and documentation platform.

Fluid works best for projects that range from $1M to $50M and
involve teams of 2 to 200 people.

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