There are many benefits to switching to a cloud-based and mobile construction management system. Here are some of the most noticeable.

Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop

Access all your project files from any of your devices. Project information adapts to your device, whether you are at a desk, in a meeting with your tablet, or in the field with your smartphone.


From the user interface, to the help menu, to our support team, Fluid was designed for minimal training and maximum users.


Fluid is competitively priced with one low, simple, monthly fee for unlimited users.

One spot for all your project files

Manage all of your project information in one spot in the cloud. All your contracts, plans, specs, spreadsheets and more can be stored and accessed in the cloud.


We have kept the user input screens to a minimum and created fast-fill form fields. Whether accessing from your smartphone, tablet or desktop, Fluid has been designed for efficiency from all aspects.

Maximum users

We believe that a project runs better with more communication and collaboration, so we encourage users to sign up and use Fluid. No trying to juggle access and switching users because of limited licenses.

Quick training sessions

Get ramped up quickly right from the jobsite. Fluid was designed with simplicity in mind for all users. Our interface is intuitive and we have included step-by-step guides taking users through each process. We don’t make money off of training or setup fees.

Cloud based

Fluid is kept simple by being available on a Software as a Service model. This means no installation on a server, no ongoing maintenance contracts, in fact, updates are automatically there when you log in. Our software is Cloud based, accessible from any internet connection.


Strong 128 bit SSL Encryption. Hosted by the best in the industry - Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the cloud.

Quick summary pages

Get real time information whether you are on the road, or in a meeting. Project information is summarized into multiple summary screens, allowing you to quickly view contract information and drill down into specifics as necessary.

Easy terms

Fluid allows you to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis, and allows you to stop your subscription at anytime, without penalty.


The easy to access logs, dashboards and meeting minute items allow for transparency. It is because of this transparency that team members feel responsible for moving the project along.

Powerful reporting capabilities

Fluid CM lets you to run various reports from each document module providing consistent and timely information when you need it most.

Simple Pricing Plan

$200/mo for 3 Users
$30/user after that


Unlimited Users ,
Unlimited Data ,
Fully Mobile

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Fluid Contract Manager is a cloud based, mobile, project
management system tailored for the construction industry.

Designed from the ground up to work off a smartphone sized screen,
Owners, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Specialty
Contractors and A/E teams appreciate Fluid CM as a simple, yet
powerful project collaboration and documentation platform.

Fluid works best for projects that range from $1M to $50M and
involve teams of 2 to 200 people.