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Daily logs. Automatically document weather conditions. Subcontractors can post their own daily reports, track dailies and equipment. Quickly copy information into a new report.

Documents. Upload and access current plans and specifications and any other large files utilizing Fluid CM’s FTP site tracked under your project.

Meetings. Rock your meetings with a clean agenda. Issue meeting minutes moments after a meeting ends. Hold people accountable by assigning action items and tracking their completion.

Requests for Information. Streamline your project by generating and closing out RFIs faster by issuing on-line. Hold people accountable by tracking issue and response times.

Submittals. Save countless hours by sending and tracking submittals digitally. Track who is responsible (Ball-In-Court) for submittals before they hold up your job.

Downloadable tracking logs. Each document module offers a downloadable tracking log that lets you import information and sort or format into whatever way you would like to see it.

Reports. Fluid CM lets you to run various reports from each document module providing consistent and timely information when you need it most.