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Budgets. Set up, track and compare your project against target budgets with ease. You can also freeze your budget and track changes as you go.

Client Contracts. Draft a contract, add attachments and send out. Fluid CM lets users send, review and approve contracts online, speeding up your project.

Subcontracts. In additional to using Fluid CM to issue contracts, you can track the status of where they are in the approval process, review % of change orders and drill down into each trade’s details as necessary.

Changes. Track PCOs at both the Prime Contract and Subcontract levels. Have all change orders submitted, reviewed and responded to online.

Projections. Quickly adjust your projected costs as the project unfolds. Allow for no surprises at the end of the project.

Billings. Generate, submit and approve billings online. Attach documents as backup. Markup and request for additional information.

Download Contracts Worksheet. The master cost worksheet can be downloaded for ultimate flexibility in working with your project information.