Lead your team through tough discussions about costs using Fluid’s Budget and Projection Tools.

Training & Rollout

Once you decide to incorporate Fluid Contract Manager into your projects, we will schedule a convenient time to go through each tool in detail with your team. Meetings are held online through web conferencing and can usually be completed in about two hours. Each company is appointed a power user so that permissions and project specific details can be managed appropriately.

Here is a list of the topics we cover:

  1. Starting a new project - Setting up your company settings (sub-administrators, cost codes, global contacts, global permissions), starting a project, entering contacts and setting up permissions.
  2. Messages – posting and retrieving messages in Fluid CM, setting up Distribution Groups and clearing system messages.
  3. Contracts – A detail review of the budget tool, entering and managing client contracts and subcontracts. Issuing Change Order Requests and tracking changes. Adjusting your Projection, Issuing and tracking Billings.
  4. Documents – using the Daily Log tool, posting Documents such as plans and specifications, using the Meeting Minutes tool, Issuing and tracking RFIs and Submittals.
  5. Self-help - online meetings are augmented with on-boarding screens and our online Users Guide complete with video tutorials.

Much of the information related to using Fluid is available on our blog.

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